Adobe Creative Cloud

Whether you’re an individual, student, or business, Adobe Creative Cloud has a plan for you. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are must haves for a marketing professional. And Adobe Acrobat Pro is a business tool worth every investment dollar.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a fun, free, longword keyword tool, and content idea generation tool. Their mind map data visualization is awesome. OK, the guy in the sweater is strange…AND very memorable! Have fun and try it out!


This tool is great for creating workflow diagrams. Sometimes you just gotta illustrate your ideas with a diagram. Creately is super easy to use and a super small monthly fee.

Google domains

Yes, you can find sales on domains, but if customer service plays any part in your vendor decision making, then skip the sale and go straight to Google Domains.


This tool will helps you write (without those pesky spelling and grammar errors. Grammarly has a free plug in for your browser! Try it out today!

Hemingway Editor

This tool is amazing! Enter your writing, and it shows you all the stats (readability grade level, reading time, and number of letters, characters, words, sentences, paragraphs!). Need a little help with your grammar? Hemingway has you covered with warnings for adverbs, use of passive voice, complicated phrases, and hard to read sentences. We love Hemingway!

Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation

Simple. Easy. Automation. Use Mailchimp for your email automation. Segment your lists, create drip campaigns, create landing pages, A/B testing…they’ve got it all. Best part? Free to start, up to 2K subscribers and 12K emails. Check them out today!


Ok, technically not a marketing tool, but if you save money by expensing your travel, you’ll have more money for marketing! MileIQ is a super easy to use app. You turn it on when you get in your car and it tracks your business and personal mileage (and sends you a weekly report!). You can teach it to auto classify drives making it even easier! Try it for FREE!

  • This is a referral link that gives you 20% off your first year (that’s only $47 and some change for the whole year!), and we get a little bonus too!


There are a lot of payment options out there these days, here at Xight Solutions we chose PayPal. They have great support and every payment option you need for your business!


Stunning FREE Images! Yes! It’s true. We use Pixabay for all our website images on And they’ve got an app in the Apple App Store. Donation based, so share the love and and buy them cup of coffee every once in a while!


Texting on steroids. Seriously though, this is a great tool to keep your team connected. Set up your key communication channels (or topics), share files, search, even “pin” (aka keep handy so you don’t have to search) important topics and files. Best thing is they’ve got a free version that works great for most teams. Check out Slack today!




We use SpyFu for competitor analysis, SEO analysis, and keyword analysis. This is such a great service! Easy to view and understand charts, the ability to drill down into detail. If you’re serious about online marketing, sign up now!


We’ve tried many different website development platforms and the Squarespace interface is simple, clean and the easiest for our clients to use to update their websites.

As a Squarespace Circle member, we are able to offer you discounts off of your first year of website hosting. Contact us to learn more.

Learn more at the Squarespace Websites.


Whether you need a way to communicate projects status with your clients or you just need a to-do list tool to keep yourself organized, we highly recommend Trello (and they have a free version to get you started). Get your life and your business organized now!