Instead of dreading marketing, we want you to be excited about it!

Small businesses are hard to start, hard to run, and hard to grow. If you’re a small business owner, you know the devil is in the details. 

  • Contracts, people, payroll, vendors — pay attention or your gonna regret it… 

  • Your products and services — your customer’s want every detail to work perfectly…

  • Processes and workflow — know how you’re going to get things done or reinvent the wheel with every client…

Small business owners are under tremendous pressure. 

Xight Solutions is here to help with marketing consulting and business coaching services. Small businesses are the greatest asset to our economy — they create innovation and jobs, that’s why we love working with people like you. 

The world of marketing is changing at a frightening pace.

Just when you figure one tech platform out, it changes. Just when you get comfortable with one social media platform it changes and three new ones are touted as “the place to be.” 

Staying on top of these rapid changes in marketing, and running and growing your business can be overwhelming. We know, we’re a small business too. 

Xight Solutions breaks down the hype and hoopla and walks you through a four-step process to build a foundation and structure to support your marketing efforts and build your confidence in your marketing programs.


Analyze >> Synthesize >> Empower >> Track (ASET)

Analyze: We begin with questionnaires and conversations about your current situation, your market, your products and/or services, your competitors, your customers, and your goals. 

Synthesize: We’ll collect all the information for you, from competitor analysis to customer analysis and surveys, to your online presence and assets. We pull all the threads together to give you a picture of where you are and where you need to go to meet your objectives.

Empower: Knowledge is power and with your newfound understanding of the building blocks of your marketing foundation we’ll help you select the best channels to make the impact you need to grow your business. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to train your inhouse marketing team to take over marketing programs (and save you money).

Track: Our marketing programs and projects will include the metrics you need to track your progress. With this information you’ll be able to adjust to market, technology, and customer changes.


We want your business to grow and for you to feel confident in your marketing programs. We also know that if you don’t spend time building the foundation of your marketing strategy, you’re not going to see the success you want. 

 Getting Started

To get you started, we offer research projects such as:

  • Industry and competitor report

  • Product/service report

  • Corporate vision, mission, values, differentiation, and value proposition

  • Persona report

  • Digital marketing report

  • Marketing content report

  • Marketing processes/SOP report

  • Messaging & keyword report


Once you understand where you are, we help you plan your marketing strategy:

  • Personas and messaging

  • Content marketing plan

  • Social media distribution

  • Email list growth

  • Content funnels, lead magnets, tripwires, core offers and profit maximizers

  • Quarterly or seasonal programs

  • In-person events

Website Development, Messaging & Online Presence

We can help you with an update to your website (we use Squarespace) so you can easily add and manage your content. We can update your online marketing messaging with copywriting services and content development.

We’ll also get you set up with a social media plan that meets your customer where they are, and helps them find your content and understand the value you bring to their lives and businesses.

 Process & Training

Finally, we’ll provide you with process documents, workflow, SOPs and training documents that will allow your in-house team to confidently take over implementation. Or, if you prefer, we can manage your marketing programs for you.


About Our Founder

Sandy Pretzlaff, founder and managing director of Xight Solutions, LLC, is insatiably curious about business. Her background and education provide clients and co-workers refreshing and trusted insights and high-value results. 

With over 25 years of business experience, a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree, Sandy delivers value to through her four-step ASET process: Analyze >> Synthesize >> Empower >> Track. With her process, a foundation in technology, and a thirst for learning, she simplifies complex topics and processes and instills confidence in clients, colleagues, and team members. 

From the big picture to the most detailed workflow diagram she’s driven to help the people she works with increase their understanding and confidence in the work they do.