You Have a Vision for Your Business

Maybe it includes…

  • Reaching your income goals

  • Working with great (ideal) clients

  • Prospects reaching out to YOU

  • Changing your industry, changing the world!

You know you need to market online, but it’s really hard to because…

  • You’re not sure how to do online marketing

  • The things you’ve tried haven’t worked

  • You feel like you’re wasting precious time and money on marketing that’s not working

  • There’s 70 gazillion people telling you that their shiny object will make you instantly successful with online marketing

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by marketing!

You wish you could get help with…

  • Marketing that works for your business

  • Confidence that you’re doing marketing “right”

  • Pride in your online presence (website, social media, reviews)

  • Finding qualified prospects and ideal customers!

If you’re nodding your head yes… you’re in the right place. 

I’ll tell you how I can help you in a minute, First let me introduce myself…

A Video Summary of My Journey


My Journey

Here’s a little about my background and journey… (well, maybe it’s a lot… I want you to know who you’re going to be working with!)


The youngest child, a lifetime of watching, listening, and empathizing 

I was born in Edmonton, Albert, Canada (eh!).

I’m the youngest of four kids. Here’s a picture of me as a baby, pretty cute, (eh!)

Finding a “role” in a family of four was a little tricky… I was the “shy” child. The watcher. The listener. The empathizer.

You see, there were a lot of people and opinions! So, I watched, and listened, and learned, and felt the things going on around me.

As the youngest child I was always trying to catch up. Learn more. Learn faster. Grow up faster!

Growing up with entrepreneurs

My parents were entrepreneurs. My Dad started in carpentry. He learned and grew and before long was building beautiful custom homes, Pretzlaff Construction! 

My Mom was everything back office: location strategy, architectural plan selection, materials and vendor management, bookkeeping. AND she was raising three kids. 

By the time I came around, my parents had transitioned to property management, managing both multi-unit homes and apartment buildings. The business always came up at the dinner table. Every day I was learning about running a business!

A lifetime of learning begins: university

My parents gave me many gifts, not the least of which was the ability to go to school at Arizona State University (ASU). Phoenix had become a favorite vacation spot for my parents, so it made sense for me to look to ASU to continue my formal education.

I thought I was going to go for a business degree in communication, yet shortly after arriving at ASU I met some really smart people studying decision information systems (DIS). I quickly switched to focus my studies on computer systems.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University (ASU)… AND (several years later) a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. 


I still love learning! In fact, research and learning about my clients and their business is a big part of what I do!

Wearing many hats… the cross-trainer emerges

My career started with a software company. I had many roles and I wore many hats over the years: programmer, systems analyst, trainer, HR, and marketing!

Could this be the reason I love hats?

She was very creative and fully supportive of the Sales team at all times... You could always count her and she did an outstanding job in making sure you were prepared at vendor conferences and for Executive level Corporate visits.
— Michael G.

I might still be working there if not for the tech-bubble bursting. Sadly, the company closed down. 

Instead of getting down about it, I decided to start my first consulting company: Pathfinder Process Agents (Doo-do-do-do-Doo-do-do-do *special agent song*). OK, not the greatest name. And it didn’t last very long.

I consulted on the power of process (write down the steps that employees go through to do their jobs, and find ways to make their work more efficient).

I worked with some great clients in aerospace, software, HR benefits, and 3-D printing. I sucked at sales. I thought that was my problem so…

The next step on my journey was: learn and become an expert on sales! At this time, I was living in the greater Atlanta area. I took sales jobs for an office equipment provider, a recruiter, and a software company. I had mild success, but my heart wasn’t in it. I was failing. I got fired… ouch.

A severance package was what I needed to head back home to Phoenix. I took a job with a consumer products company in the audio industry (speakers). I was a market representative, training retail store employees on how to sell. I learned how to present to small teams and large groups. I started to see the power of marketing messaging to influence buyers. 

I had mild success, but I wasn’t happy.

This time I realized I needed to fire my employer. I quit… sigh. 

Why weren’t things working out? The failure thing was really starting to HURT!

Retool! Back to school! 


I went back to ASU and got my MBA. It was so great to be around others who were learning and exploring. I was learning so much and my confidence was growing, but it came to an end. Now what…? I thought the MBA program would bring me answers. I finally had to sit down and reflect (long and hard) on what I really wanted to do in my career.

At this point in my journey:

  • I’d worked in a whole bunch of career roles.

  • I’d worked with small companies and big companies.

  • I’d worked in and learned nine industries.

  • I’d had great bosses and crappy ones.

  • I’d worked in AZ, PA and GA.

What were the “themes” of my career so far?

Software. Process. Marketing!

The marketing world was changing. Marketing technology was taking off! Online marketing was coming into its own. So, I began my journey in the world of online marketing.

I started by working at a mid-size software consulting company. I transitioned to a bigger company that built their own software and offered consulting. I was on my way! Finally, I loved what I was doing: MARKETING! I was seeing great success. I won awards, I won channel partner contests. 

Sandy has made a profound contribution providing innovative thought leadership, immense work ethic, and a strive for perfection. She is one of the best people I have had the privilege of working with
— Glen C.

It was going great! Until…

Are you kidding me…?

Until the layoff… a new CMO, a reorganization of the global marketing team, a reduction-in-force (RIF). 

Are. You. Kidding. Me… (Aaarrrggghhh!)

I hid for a while. That one hurt bad. 

Re-start: MARKETING consulting services

Eventually, I picked myself up and started again. 

I began thinking about what was missing in corporate America marketing shops. They didn’t have a clear plan on how to connect all the pieces of marketing. There wasn’t a cohesive path. AND they were actually years behind in implementing the new ideas and strategies that were taking off in online marketing.

So, I started Sandy Pretzlaff Marketing Consulting.

Enough with corporate America.

Small businesses needed help.

I’d go help them! 

What a difference.

What joy


I worked with all kinds of small businesses: custom artwork, event software, legal services, pet shelter & pet products, photography services, project management software, summer camp services, non-profits, medical services, and medical devices.

Her template took me through all the steps to define the customers I need to reach. She’s also helped me understand how important copy is and where we can make improvements in website messaging and brochures.

I got a little off track from marketing, helping a startup. I did software implementation and customization, technical support and training, standard operating procedures (SOPs), financial forecasting, revenue analysis, inventory cost what-if analysis, created a multi-tiered cash pricing tool, supplies and vendor management, and data entry and audits. Oh! And a few brochures, flyers, event management, and website relaunch.

WHAAAAT?? Yeah, a little off track.

Time for a RESET AND A rebrand

I love helping people. Is it because my given name, Sandra, that means “helper of mankind?” Is it because I’m the youngest? Is it a Canadian thing (I’m told Canadians are nice and helpful!)? Is it my astrological chart and the alignment of planets when I was born? Yes AND…

It’s empathy. I’ve spent my life watching, learning, and feeling those around me. I can feel your pain and I want to help.

I hear this A LOT:

Online marketing is overwhelming! It’s frustrating! It’s annoying…! What should I do? I just want to grow my business…

What is online marketing?

Throughout my journey I’ve learned a lot about online marketing:

  • a/b testing, about pages, affiliate marketing, backlinks, blog writing, blogs, brand strategy, business lifecycle marketing, buyer’s journey, calculators, call-to-action, case studies, CMS provider planning, coaching, color theory, competitor analysis, competitor research, content analysis , content creation , content marketing , content optimization, content pillars, content planning, content posting, content strategy, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, core offers, cost-per-click (CPC), CRM provider planning, customer surveys, demand generation strategy, demographics, differentiation, digital downloads, drip campaigns, discovery call scripts, eBooks, ecommerce marketing, ecommerce platform planning, elevator pitch, email automation setup, email campaigns, email conversion rates, email marketing planning, email mini-courses, email optimization, email service provider planning, emotional triggers, event planning, events, FAQs, fears and aspirations, founder bio, funnels, funnel velocity, guest blogging, guides and tips, headline optimization, image optimization, inbound strategy, influencer marketing, infographics, interactive content, key performance indicators, keyword ranking, keyword research, keyword strategy, landing pages, landing page optimization, landing page testing, latent semantic indexing, lead generation strategy, lead magnets, link building, local search marketing, long-form content, long-form sales pages, marketing budgets, marketing optimization, marketing planning, marketing tactics, messaging strategy, meta tags, microdata, mission & vision statements, mobile marketing, monetization strategy, one-time-offers, online advertising, online assessment, online training courses, organic search, origin story, paid digital downloads, paid events, pains and gaps, pay-per-click, partner marketing, personas, persuasion, presentation writing, press releases, pricing strategy, product / service benefits, product / services pages, product / services strategy, profit maximizer, psycho-demographics, quizzes & contests, schema markup, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine results pages (SERP), SERP strategy, social media advertising, social media analytics, social media assessment, social media optimization, social media planning, social media platforms, social media post series, social media posting, social media selling, social proof, social proof strategy, special events, storytelling, structured data, tag lines, target customer profiles, target customer research, testimonials, trip wires, value proposition, video marketing, videos, virtual events, voice and tone, webinars, website analytics, website assessment, website conversion rates, website development, website optimization, website planning, website popups, website structure, website testing, writing for online readers, writing for webpages, writing headlines…

Wow. That’s over 150 concepts, strategies, and tactics… and I know I’m missing A TON

How is anyone supposed to be an expert in all of that? 

You can’t. 

I can’t. That’s why I work with a team of experts.

So, where do you start? How do I help my clients get the best out of their online marketing…?

Start at the beginning…the building blocks of online marketing

Until you know your marketing building blocks, DO NOT start branding, blogging, website development, social media posting or advertising. It. Will. Not. Work.

When you understand your unique marketing building blocks:

  • Your journey to this point

  • What your competitors are doing

  • Who your customer is

  • Your customer’s pains and aspirations

  • Your customer’s emotions that will trigger action

  • What your value is to your customers

  • How you’re different and unique

Then you can:

  • Create an online presence that uses emotion to build trust and helps visitors become customers

  • Get confident (crazy confident!) in all the online marketing you’re doing because you know what to say and why

  • Feel EXCITED (Xight-ed!) about building your business with online marketing!

The Xight Solutions Brand Promise

From my start as the daughter of an entrepreneurial family. Through an exploration of multiple jobs and industries. Through layoffs and firings, restarts and retooling. I’ve listened, learned and collected a lot of knowledge and experience.

I have a knack for taking non-linear ideas and bringing them together, helping you find your unique story and value.

Then turning that value into messaging, website structure, and content and social media plans. A strategy to reach your business goals through online marketing.

  • I want to share it all this with you so that YOU can be successful.

  • I know failure hurts, I want you to SUCCEED!

  • I want to help your small businesses grow. It’s in my family DNA.

  • I understand your business (or I won’t work with you), I’ve worked in or with over 20 different industries.

  • I want to help you with your marketing strategy and implementation. I freakin’ love online marketing.

  • I want you to feel confident and be excited about marketing your business. 

I know there’s a lot to learn, I’m here to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Options to get the marketing help you need

Small businesses come in lots of different sizes, lifecycle stages, and financial states. That’s why we offer three different ways we can help you:

  • Custom Marketing Consulting Programs for business startups or established companies that want to get growing. We start with marketing strategy and go into launching your unique marketing strategy.

  • DIY Marketing Program low cost how-to-guides to help you get started.

  • Marketing Coaching from one-session to monthly plans, we’re here to coach and guide you on your journey to marketing success.

Selecting vendors for your small business is a BIG deal. You don’t have the luxury to make costly mistakes. 

That’s why I’ll do a discovery call to see if we have “the vibe.” You know, that happy, excited feeling you get when you know someone “gets you.” 

If my team can help you reach your goals we’ll plan the next steps with the right combination of DIY, coaching and consulting for you and your business. If not, I can recommend other great consulting and team options for you.

Why wait? Schedule a no obligation discovery call right now, let’s get you started!


In addition to her exceptional work product, her positive attitude and willingness to help make her a joy to work with.
— Christy C.
Sandy is a superstar who consistently goes above and beyond standard requirements!
— Jennifer R.
She’s very good at explaining her ideas and clearing up the confusion around today’s marketing.
— Dave K.
The DIY Marketing program how-to-guides are clear and easy to understand. It’s written for the beginners and helps you take baby steps... I think it’s great!!!
— Bruce H.
I am one of her biggest fans due to her amazing on-line marketing talents!
— Mary B.
Sandy came up with and followed through on creative ideas to reach her target market producing real results.
— Joey B.

About Our Founder


Sandy Pretzlaff, founder and managing director of Xight Solutions, LLC, is insatiably curious about business. Her background and education provide clients and co-workers refreshing and trusted insights and high-value results. 

Sandy has over 25 years of business experience, a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree. She’s worked in or with over 20 industries in startup, midsize, and Fortune 500 companies.

Over the last nine years, Sandy has created innovative marketing processes and templates to provide consistent, valuable, strategic and tactical marketing solutions for her customers. Sandy delivers value to through her four-step ASET process: Analyze >> Synthesize >> Empower >> Track. With her processes, a foundation in technology, and a thirst for learning, she simplifies complex topics and processes and instills confidence in clients, colleagues, and team members. 

From the big picture to the most detailed workflow diagram she’s driven to help the people she works with increase their understanding and confidence in the work they do.