Module One - Website Copy & Content

Learning how to write website copy and content is the focus of module one. You’ll learn how to write for online audiences. We provide step-by-step processes for creating content, including templates for common blogging formulas. We’ll show you how to create a content calendar that you will use to consistently create content for your target customers. Throughout module one, we provide you help online resources to improve your website and content headlines and writing.


Module Two - Website Development

Module two focuses on the development of your website. If you’re just starting your business, we’ll guide you through website hosting and   website buidling platforms. The next part of module two will provide you with templates and checklists for creating and launching your website (including SEO guidelines and tips).


Module Three - Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tactic for building your audience and keeping them engaged with your business. In module three we’ll guide you through email service provider selection and setup. You’ll learn about email drip campaigns and drip campaign formulas for selling your products and services. You’ll get checklists and templates for creating your email campaigns.


Module Four - Social Media

Social media is a must for anyone who wants to grow their business. Yet, with so many platforms, and so many new tools on each platform, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In module four you’ll learn when, where, and what to post on your social media platforms. We help you select a social media management tool and show you how to schedule your social media posts. You’ll get tips and templates for social media engagement. Finally, we’ll help you find and manage your online presence for associations and review sites.

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