Part One - Keyword Strategy 

In part one, you will learn about keywords and how people use them to find you through search engines. Our templates will help you capture research on your keywords. We’ll introduce you to great (free) online tools to brainstorm your keywords. Then you’ll categorize and rank your keywords so they’re ready to use in your marketing strategy development (webpage structure) and marketing tactics (content like blogs).

Keyword Strategy How-To-Guide

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Part Two - Messaging Strategy 

Your messaging is based on your differentiation and the value you create for your customers. Consistent messaging is important to help your prospects become customers. When you define your messaging upfront, it’s very easy to be consistent on your website (webpages and landing pages) and other places you reach people online (ex. social media sites, review sites). Our how-to-guide gives you a step-by-step process to research and generate messaging ideas for your business and your products and services. You’ll get templates that help you synthesize ideas and your differentiation into key messages and a plan for how and where to use your messages.  

Messaging Strategy How-To-Guide

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Part Three - Content Strategy 

The final part of module two is to create a content strategy for your business. Content is the magnet that brings visitors to your website. You’ll learn how to use your target customers and messaging and create a content strategy for each step of the buyer’s journey. A buyer’s journey is how a prospect transitions from awareness of a problem, to finding a solution, and finally choosing a solution. For each of these three steps, our how-to-guide will help you research and generate ideas. Our templates help you define the content you’ll create to transition prospects to customers.

Content Strategy How-To-Guide

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In last module of your DIY Marketing Strategy, Module Three - Consistency, you’ll use everything you’ve developed so far to achieve consistency on your website.