Part One - Brand Strategy 

Your brand embodies your company “why,” and the value you create for your customers. It’s your logo and colors and tagline… and much more. It’s your images, your copy, your tone, the feeling you want associated with your company, products and services. We’ll guide you, step-by-step, through an evaluation of your brand. If you’re just starting your company our how-to-guide will help you create your brand. You’ll learn about helpful (and fun) tools online to help you select color palettes, fonts, images and graphics tools that help you represent your brand online. You’ll learn about copy tone and your “online voice.” Don’t miss out on this fun how-to-guide on brand strategy.

Brand Strategy How-To-Guide

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Part Two - Website Strategy 

Your website structure helps visitors of your website find what they’re looking for. The structure also effects your SEO (how search engines rank you). In this critical part of your marketing strategy you’ll learn how to structure your website, and why your layout is so critical to your online success.

Website Strategy How-To-Guide

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Part Three - Funnel Strategy 

Think of your funnel as a story with your target customers as the key characters. Your funnel is the journey you will take them on. It transitions visitors through a buyer’s journey to the decision to select your company, products and services to solve their problem. Your funnel is made impacted by your website structure, your content strategy, your differentiators and the value you provide to your customers. You’ll learn how to map your funnel using all these elements. This critical process will make your marketing tactics much easier to implement. 

Funnel Strategy How-To-Guide

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The next leg of your marketing journey is to define and implement your marketing tactics. Learn more on the DIY Marketing Tactics Overview page.