Module One - Website Optimization

In module one you’ll learn about search engine optimization (SEO). We give you a step-by-step process to analyze your website and content ranking in online searches. Our checklists and tips show you how to improve your SEO. You’ll learn about website analytics, heat map tools, and A/B testing tools for your website and landing pages.

Module Two - Content Optimization

Module two focuses on your content. We show you how to use website analytics and online tools to evaluate your content, keywords and funnel. You’ll learn what to look for and the adjustments you can make to get the most out of the content on your website. 

Module Three - Email Optimization

In module three you’ll learn how to improve your email marketing. We show you how to test your email subject lines, images, and content. You get a step-by-step process to evaluate and improve your email campaigns.

Module Four - Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) helps you get more engagement (and results) with your social media campaigns. We’ll show you how to analyze and optimize your social media posts and give you online tools for testing and improving the components of your social media posts.

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